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Orthodontic marketing live chat.

Managed by Professionals

Your smile specialist will be professionally trained to answer your patients’ questions with accuracy. No robotic scripted responses! Our smile specialists are in-house, English and sales certified professionals.


100% Response Rate

Every patient is looking for radical convenience. Regardless of when your patient is researching, your smile specialist will be there to answer your patients’ burning questions.


Visitors Become Patients

When a visitor is ready to speak to your practice, OrthoChats will forward the patient directly to your front office coordinator to book a consultation.

Managed by Real People

Our agents work and live in the US, speak English and are accountable for their work. Say goodbye to robotic, cold conversations that destroy your practice’s brand!


Trained Professionals 

Our smile specialists are in-house and sales certified professionals who will be knowledgeable about your industry and trained to answer your patients’ questions with accuracy.

We’re an extension of your practice.


Step 1  |  Engage

Our agents are dedicated to your success and kindly greet each new patient on your website before they have a chance to leave, 24/7.

Step 2  |  Serve

Your smile specialist answers your patients’ questions and collects their information using the industry’s best scripting and sales techniques.

Step 3  |  Connect

We connect new patients immediately to your practice by way of a warm call transfer or text/email notification.




“OrthoChats has been fantastic for us! Our best months have been since starting with their service. Scott and the team are a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond just a messaging service. Highly recommend!”

Dr. Ben Fishbein, Fishbein Orthodontics

“We have been using OrthoChats for about a year. Their chat team is very knowledgeable and helpful with our patients. Our new patients are well informed when they come to their appointments, which reflects the quality of their chat experiences. Great service!”

Dr. Dan Blue, Blue Orthodontics

“I have been looking over the chat streams and they are spot on. They make the patient feel as though the chat is live and coming from the office. So far, we are hitting at 100% with the generated leads to scheduled exams.”

Dr. Derek Straffon, Straffon Orthodontics

“OrthoChats has been amazing so far. I love that my patients are able to be heard online at almost anytime. The support agents are professional and knowledgeable about orthodontics. I think OrthoChats has been an effective way for my practice to differentiate itself from other orthodontists in the area. We really can’t say enough great things about it.”

Dr. Deepak Gupta, Gupta Orthodontics

“OrthoChats has been especially great for new patients to engage with my “office” when we are closed. When I’m in the mood to buy on a weekend, I want instant gratification. I lose interest when I know I have to wait until Monday to get answers. OrthoChats makes a new patient feel like a part of the office even at 7:00 on a Saturday night!”

Dr. Brad Jennings, Jennings Orthodontics


“OrthoChats has been a great addition to our website and capturing new patient communications which we wouldn’t otherwise. Ben and the team at OrthoChats have been a delight to work with. I’m about to launch a new website, looking forward to it improving all lines of communication and new patients.”

Dr. Alexa Alborzi, Alborzi Orthodontics

“OrthoChats has been a fantastic addition for us. It has boosted two areas of our practice that we’re always striving to be innovated and improve upon; customer service and marketing. Set up was painless and straightforward.”

Dr. David Garlock, Garlock Orthodontics

“OrthoChats has been great at grabbing some of our web traffic and turning them into new patients, especially after hours! The chat reports we receive show a high level of competence and kindness. I am happy to have them represent my company in a market where every new patient is important.”

Dr. Jonathan Collette, Tri-City Orthodontics

“We have been with OrthoChats since they launched, and I honestly can’t say enough great things about the service they provide. We have the opportunity to stay engaged with our network on a real-time basis and to schedule new patient appointments even during non-traditional hours. The OrthoChats team provides top notch customer service and has gone above and beyond to tailor their scripting to best fit our culture.”

Amanda Floyd, Fishbein Orthodontics


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